Urban Apothecary

The official Urban Apothecary blog, featuring natural botanical mineral makeup & skin care infused with antioxidants and anti aging cosmeceuticals

About May 20, 2007

About Urban Apothecary
The latest luxe from the Urban Apothecary lab is chock-full of cosmeuticals, which sound quite daunting, but are actually super-food for your skin – providing precise complexes of antioxidants, amino acids, botanicals and vitamins that deliver dramatic anti aging benefits.  Which translates to a healthy, glowing complexion for you.

Nourish your skin and revitalize your senses with Urban Apothecary’s marvelous array of hi definition makeup, mineral makeup and  creative color. Urban Apothecary botanical beauty and natural mineral makeup provide the nourishing energy your skin needs without the unnecessary chemicals so you can go from run down to radiant in a blink.

Behind the Scenes
Hi everyone!  I’m Cheri Tracy, the chick behind the luxurious Urban Apothecary beauty brand. I personally create everything from new products and seasonal color stories right on down to the website and blog.  Urban Apothecary is a small company and although I have help, I like to keep busy, really busy.  My husband thinks I’m a work-a-holic, but I love every single minute.  I’m also a mom of two young girls under the age of three.   That said, please forgive the type-o’s since I’m usually going a mile a minute and can’t spell to save my life. 

Inspired Beauty
I’m a strong advocate for the consumer and am always in search of innovative ingredients.  I’m profoundly inspired by natural environments, scouting the earth for the most exquisite raw materials including Goji Berries from Mongolian Himalayas which are the richest source of carotenoids, including beta–carotene, in the world, Gyokuro Green Tea, grown under shade in Japan and eliminates free radicals and European Truffle Oil, which is the planet’s richest source of B vitamins. My goal is to create products of the highest quality and performance using pure minerals and the most advanced technology and ingredients available.

I’m dedicated to demystifying makeup and empowering women to explore their individual beauty by providing product knowledge and technical support. I believe that true beauty comes from within so it’s important to embrace yourself inside and out.  


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