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Happy Memorial Day May 27, 2007

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Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Memorial Day! 


PETA Loves Urban Apothecary May 20, 2007

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PETA loves Urban Apothecary
The winners for the PETA / Urban Apothecary contest have been announced.  PETA received an amazing 2,883 entries, wow!  Drumroll please….

Claude Desmarais of Bolton, Ontario
Rangika Warnakulasuriya of West Covina, CA
Angela Spicer of Davisburg, MI
Molly Miller of Medford, MA
Susan M. Hill of Ripon, Wisconsin

Congratulations to all the winners, have fun shopping!  Urban Apothecary does not, nor will we ever, test or condone animal tests. We believe that you can have a great look without killing or harming animals.  For more information on kind living, please visit PETA’s official website.


Sugar Fixx May 14, 2007

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Urban Apothecary Cosmetics
This is how I came up with the name for a new product launching late this summer.  One of life’s sweetest moments!  This is my daughter, Brooklyn getting a quick sugar fix and a bath.  How’s that for multi-tasking?


Happy Mom’s Day May 13, 2007

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Urban Apothecary Cosmetics
Happy Mother’s Day from Urban Apothecary! Don’t forget to tell your mother how much you love and appreciate her. Celebrate in style and do something extra special to let your mom know how much you care. Often it is the thoughtful, little things that mean the most.

I’ve been busy working with my three year old daughter Brooklyn these past couple of days on a cute craft project to honor my mom, Carol; and something for my mother-in-law, Meri. I’m still working on hers (sorry Meri!). My moms turned out so cute, I just had to share. It’s craft letters that spell MOM (shown is the first M) that I decopaged with scrapbook paper and decorated. I picked my mom’s favorite colors and added lots of bling! I decorated and decorated until nothing else would fit. This is a great inexpensive, but thoughtful gift. It’s one of my all time favorite gifts I’ve given my mom. And as I explained what each element of the design meant, my mom turned all teary eyed- so I know she loved it. Each part of the design has some meaning…

The M features the “World’s Greatest” tag and an embossed MOM and a tag with her birthstone and tied ribbons. On the O I used lots of muti-colored fibers, a bling heart and three metal heart charms (one for each of my daughters) and a “G” which is what all of her grandchildren call her. On the last M, the bottom left has my birthstone and the birthstones and initals of my girls, Brooklyn and Haileigh, then and E for my daughter, Emerson who passed away. Her intial is on the side with a special crystal for every month we shared. I attached a four-leaf clover since one of my girls was born on St. Patrick’s Day. On the bottom right, you can see my sisters birthstone and the initals of her two kids, their birthstones and another four-leaf clover. This one represents my neice who was born at 26 weeks. We are blessed and so very greatful she is healthy and happy. More bling, including some blue to represent my nephew who is the only grandson, and finally a tag that reads “all that i am or hope to be, i owe to my angel mother’. I’m glad it turned out. Now, if only can come up with something for Father’s Day…Ideas anyone?


Psychic Anyone? May 10, 2007

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Yahoo! My husband gave me my Mother’s Day present early. After I begged and pleeded for quite some time, I finally got what I was after. A reading with Char, internationally renowned spiritual-intuitive. Yes, the one that reads the likes of Larry King and Regis Philbin. I know, I know, it sounds crazy, but after my friend Amy had her reading, I wanted to see what she had to say about me. Let’s just say, I’m amazed. She made by day and I feel as if a huge, heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I’m so grateful for this special gift. Thank you, DH!


Cruelty-Free Cosmetics May 8, 2007

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We are officially Guaranteed to Be Cruelty-Free.   This month, PETA bestowed the coveted Trail Blazer Award to Urban Apothecary.  What an honor!  You can check out the post on Team Sugar


Time Flies May 1, 2007

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Wow, time flies when you are havin’ fun!  One more New Years Resolution down the drain (I did promise to update the Urban blog on a daily basis), shame on me!  In any event, I promise more frequent posts in the near future.  Thanks to all of our loyal fans who send emails every so often or check-in with orders.  I appreciate your input and the loads of questions I receive are always fun to answer.  We’ve been working on so many things behind-the-scenes here at Urban Apothecary, that it seems like there are never enough hours in the day.  Can anyone else relate?